Excellent customer service is our primary mission. We consider that effective customer service, understanding its objectives and following certain principles is very important in the partnership. Customer service in our company is committed with full focus on main objectives, which creates value to customers – competence, on time delivery, quality, and low cost. By assisting our customers in their product development, we are enriching them through the advancement of knowledge and the innovations.

Aelcomp signed an agreement with Indian start up Pixxel to design and develop a payload for Earth observation satellites. The collaboration involves design from a scratch of a telecommunication module that functions in the following:

  • receive digital data from the onboard camera
  • link images with GPS
  • store and sort data
  • send collected data to a ground based transceiver unit.

The data has its Global clients identified in agriculture, gas and oil industries.

We are building the world’s most advanced Earth imaging satellite constellation to help the world with with positioning. The technology assumes Global coverage with direct access to every place on Earth 24/7. The main task is to provide an image of an area of the client’s interest with information-rich high-throughput satellite imagery.

We design and build a constellation of Earth-imaging small satellites to provide an entirely new kind of dataset. The planned constellation of satellites will provide Global coverage enabling organizations around the globe to detect, monitor and predict global phenomena in near real time. Once the data is beamed down a cutting edge AI platform will make extraction of actionable insights from this data fast and easy to use in domains such agriculture, oil and gas, climate change monitoring and forestry.

  • Identify crop issues early, prescribe treatment, and track crop health in near real time consistently through persistent Global imaging of agricultural fields;
  • Get precise agricultural insights at scale through readily accessible platforms and API using our continuous stream of daily, Global, and analysis-ready data.
Urban Monitoring
  • Get up-to-date information on road networks and other urban infrastructure;
  • Classify soil and vegetation areas for the proposed development areas;
  • Collect and analyse data to get insights on population density, distribution and growth.
  • Use our data for monitoring vegetation and ecosystem dynamics, hazard and disaster monitoring, emergency management, land surface climatology, hydrology and land cover change;
  • Get early insight into how human activities, such as burning fossil fuels, affect the planet’s radiation balance.